Personal Finance

Our personal finance services lay out a comprehensive approach to a family’s or business’ financial future.  Tax planning and accounting are only one area of providing an overall financial plan. Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. works with clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan that works for their future, from budgeting and assistance in developing a savings plan to retirement planning.  Our firm works with individual and business clients to assist them in taking control of their finances, and puts together plans to achieve their financial goals.  Financial planning is the long-term process of outlining financial goals and putting together a strategy to see them implemented.   Despite popular belief, financial planning is not just for the wealthy. In fact families and businesses at any stage of their development can benefit from a financial planning strategy session.  We work with our clients to outline, revise and plan for their future, no matter what happens throughout the year.

Planning for Your Financial Future

The professionals at Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. take your financial future seriously.  We work with our clients to understand where they are presently and where they want to be in the future. The financial planning process may include budgeting, saving, tax planning, retirement and estate planning.  We strive to help clients establish goals, gather the necessary data, analyze and evaluate their financial status, develop and implement a plan and then help monitor and make necessary adjustments.  No two individuals or businesses are alike, and a one-size fits all plan does not work for the clients of Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A.

When to Seek Financial Planning Advice

While it is always a good time for an individual or business to gain better control of their finances, it is especially helpful during personal and professional life cycle events.  One rule of thumb is that any time you have to file paperwork with the government is a good time to review and re-evaluate your financial plans.   Getting married, having a baby and even getting divorced are times when individuals and families should reevaluate financial plans.  Businesses should review their financial planning when they add shareholders, hire new employees or decide they want to offer retirement benefits or additional non-financial benefits to their employees.

You do not have to be wealthy to benefit from financial planning services at Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A..  It is always advantageous to consult a financial planning professional if a family or a business has significant assets to protect and manage.  Our comprehensive financial planning services can help protect and manage your assets from a holistic perspective.

Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. understands that financial planning may be overwhelming at times and that most individuals and businesses will have questions as they attempt to outline a strategy for their financial future.  Our professionals guide each client through the financial planning process and help clients:
•    Identify goals and spending/saving priorities
•    Become educated on different financial products and options
•    Remain grounded and manage realistic expectations
•    Create a financial roadmap
•    Remain on track
The professionals at Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. offer a broad range of client-centered financial planning services.  Whether an individual is going through a major life change or wants to focus on a long-term financial plan for their business, let us help guide you to your financial goals.