Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Although many people think of identity theft as stolen credit cards or fraudulently opened credit cards, identity thieves are sophisticated enough to file tax returns, take out a mortgage or car loan or in some cases even make modifications to your credit report. Should you experience the ordeal of identity theft, it is imperative to take action immediately to protect your financial future. Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. is experienced at helping clients get a handle on the depth of the identity theft and working with the IRS to mitigate the consequences of the identity theft as it relates to the illegally filed tax return.

What to do if someone else has filed taxes with your tax id number
Identity theft is a serious crime with legal consequences. Unfortunately victims of identity theft usually only find out about the crime when they make a change to their finances, such as filing their taxes, buying a home or applying for a line of credit. It is imperative to contact accounting and legal professionals if your identity has been stolen or compromised. Fighting identity theft requires swift action and we work closely with tax attorneys to provide you with a sound strategy for defending yourself against further attack and mitigating the consequences of existing identity theft. Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. can work on your behalf with the IRS, state and local tax collectors to straighten out illegally filed tax returns and protect you from further identity theft.

The Impact of Identity Theft

According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the impact of identity theft on tax administration is significantly greater than the amount the IRS detects and prevents. While the IRS is doing more in trying to prevent identity theft focused on tax returns, the review found the growing use of direct deposit is making it even easier for criminals to get money from the feds without being detected. In 2011, the IRS identified over “1.1 million incidents of identity theft that affected the tax system,” – most often it was people using another person’s name and Social Security Number to file a bogus tax return and then obtain a fraudulent tax refund.

Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. can help you unravel the deception of identity theft, helping you put back together your history with the IRS. Although the process can be lengthy and time consuming, our team of accounting professionals can help expedite even the most egregious cases. If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft or believe someone may be filing fraudulent taxes in your name, please contact Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A. at 954-452-0100.